Aug 23, 2011

Almost to our next goal!

The goal I am talking about is paying off our car loan for the Volvo! A few posts back, I talked about how Dan got a bonus from work and we used the majority of it to pay off half of our loan. We have been squirreling away money over the last few months as well, and I am happy to say that we have about 3/4 of the rest of the loan saved! Our goal is to pay off the remaining $2100 by November. This is when my student loan is going to kick in. I'm really hoping we are going to do it. Dan is getting some OT this week, so it will definitely help! I can see the end of this loan in sight, and it's very exciting :-)

How about you? How are you working towards paying off debt? Are you selling things? Budgeting like a crazy person and making your money work for you? Or are you doing something different?

Aug 12, 2011

Safeway 8/12/2011 (take 2)

We went and enjoyed some classic cars this evening. Boy, they sure were pretty! I went to the store with the girls and it was SO much quicker than earlier today. We bought:
-8 boxes Chex cereal
-4 boxes Nature Valley granola bars

If I had paid retail for all of these groceries, the total would have been $44.69. My oop total was $11.58. That's a total savings of 74%!

Safeway 8/12/2011

Today I made a "quick" (as quick as possible with 3 kids in tow) trip to Safeway. I plan on doing a few more transactions through the next couple of days to stock up even more on these great deals! (side note... for those who read this and think I probably didn't get that good of a deal, please understand that here in the northwest, we really don't have that great of doubling/tripling of coupons, so if I can even save 50% at the store, I am a happy girl!)

Here is what I bought:
-4 boxes Honey Nut Chex cereal
-4 boxes Nature Valley granola bars
-4 packages Pillsbury Sweet Moments
-15 containers Dreyers milkshakes/smoothies

If I had paid retail for all of these groceries, the total would have been $63.78. My oop total was $15.58. That's a total savings of 77%!

Aug 1, 2011

Getting back into the game

We have been following the Dave Ramsey plan for getting out of debt. He suggested that you put a pause on the debt snowball if you are having a baby so you can store up your extra money in case there are medical bills. Since we've had Sydney, we knew we needed to get it back in gear. In the last couple of weeks, Dan got an unexpected bonus from work. That money was sitting in our account and we started watching it dwindle away because of things we needed to take care of. We got to the end of our money "to-do" list, so we took a look at how much we had to put towards our car loan. As of right now, it is half paid off! We are going to buckle down and try to pay off the rest of it in the next 4 months before my school loan payments kick in. Since January, we've paid off $8026.72 of our total debt and have $45,505.80 left. It's great to see the number go down. We are so thankful for God's provisions :-)