Oct 25, 2011

PIF 10-22-11

2- 14 lb boxes cat litter ($15.98)
1 sinus nasal spray ($7.99)
1 package cough drops ($2.49)

Total shelf cost of items given: $26.46

We were also able to pass on one of our old dressers to a family member since we were given 2 from a friend.

Dan has continued getting loads of overtime, so I'm hoping we can start the next phase of our debt repayment soon. My student loan has been on deferment for the last year and is going to be kicking in come December. We are saving up some money to pay off all the accumulated interest before we start focusing on our next snowball step. Hopefully we'll get the amount saved up that we need really soon :-)

Oct 13, 2011

Blessings of furniture!

I forgot to post about the HUGE blessing my husband and I received not too long ago! We had finally gotten the last little bit of money together to pay for the Volvo loan. I'm not sure how he was feeling, but I was very nervous about clearing out the majority of our savings to pay it off (even though that's what it was dog-eared for). We had wavered back and forth for a while; "should we save up all of the amount? Should we make lots of little payments?" We finally stepped out in faith and decided to stick to our original plan. Guess what? The next day Dan had so much overtime. And the day after that. And the day after that. And it has continued today and looks like it will keep up, at least for a while! The best part is with the overtime he received, we were then able to pay off the small remainder of the loan.

During this whole time, we came to the conclusion that we needed at least one more dresser for the kids. Trying to shove 3 kids wardrobes into one tiny dresser just does not work! After we have spent our money on some cheaply made, but expensive furniture, I decided that we needed to become more purposeful about what we are buying. After scouring Craigslist for months, I got very frustrated. No one would email me back, or pickups wouldn't work out because we lived too far away. We were planning on buying them with money that could have been used to pay off our loan. We finally decided to give up and just focus on what we had (ignore the mess, basically).

After we stepped out in faith and paid off the big part of the loan and used the OT to pay off the remaining small part, one of my friends posted they had 2 FREE dressers that they wanted to get rid of. I quickly emailed her and she said they were ours if we could pick them up! The nice thing is they are solid wood and can be distressed to go along with the design style I like!

After we picked up the dresser, Dan's mom asked us if we were looking for a queen frame. I think she was asking in jest, but we jumped on that as well. Again, it's a solid piece, so I can distress it as well! AND, right before we headed back home, my sister-in-law told me they were done using our old crib and that we could have it back. Let me tell you, this was probably the BIGGEST blessing we could have got. Dan and I were both to the point of wanting to get Ms. S out of our room and into her own. I also needed a huge kick in the butt to get that room organized (it has been our catch-all room since we moved here in March).

We are so thankful for what God has graciously given us! (especially since it was free). Our house is slowly coming together and having to sort all the items I have collected through my endeavors of crafting had made me realize how much STUFF we have accumulated. We are trying to focus on bringing this into our house that accomplish our end goal. It will take some practice, but I'm willing to work at it :-)

Oct 12, 2011

PIF 10-12-11

Oct. 13, 2011

-16 double rolls toilet paper ($8.99)
-Chloraseptic throat lozenges ($3.99)
-Hand sanitizer ($1.99)
-4 cat treats ($6.36)
-Cough drops ($1.99)

Shelf cost of items given = $23.32

Oct 5, 2011

Paying it forward

I've come to the realization that I haven't really had the opportunity to talk about how we are passing on God's blessings to us. Because I have started couponing, I have been able to stock up on some essential items for my family. This has been great, because as I get more involved with it, the less effort I have to put in because I can hold out for a GREAT deal. The nice thing is because we are so stocked up, I can now focus on helping out friends/family members by getting them great deals, too. I have been able to pass on contact lens solution (I don't use it, but I was able to get it free) to my sister in law and also pass on some laundry detergent, dish soap, baby wipes, hand soap and other random things to my brother and his wife :-)

I truly feel blessed to be able to help out other people around me and am so thankful that God has brought us to this point. It wasn't that long ago that Dan and I were struggling to feed 4 people and keep a roof over our heads while he was unemployed and bringing home only $15k. That's not to say it isn't still a struggle for us every now and then (sometimes bills all fall at the same time), but we are definitely feeling much more secure, especially since we have started religiously budgeting and "telling our money where to go instead of wondering where it went."

I think what I may do is each keep track of how much stuff I am able to pass on to other and what the value of the items are. I'll be so excited to see how much of an impact we can make on others through the course of a year :-)

Oct. 5, 2011
-4 softsoap hand soaps ($7.56)
-1 8 lb. bag of cat litter ($7.99)
Shelf cost of items given = $15.55

One loan down... many more dollars to go

My husband has been working his butt off these last few weeks. He has had plenty of opportunity to get some overtime and he's been taking advantage of it. Because he has done so, we made our final auto loan payment today. That means, we now officially own all 3 of our cars!

Since February 2011, we have paid off $10,086.87! We have $43,481.65 left. We can do it!