Feb 28, 2012

Sallie Mae has been given notice

When listening to the Dave Ramsey show, he always asks people what the last debt they paid was when they scream, "I'M DEBT FREE!" The answer tends to be "my student loans". His reply is then, "Oh, yeah. Kick that old lady to the curb!" Well, because we have 3 student loans, Dan and I have broken it down into 3 different steps of getting Sallie Mae out of our house: Giving her notice of eviction, Getting her bags packed, and Kicking her to the curb. We have finally given her notice of eviction! The other day we finished paying off the smallest student loan. In fact, they actually owe us $.39 back because their "estimate" was off. Kinda of ironic that a loan company would owe US money back :-P

The best part about this is we've even been able to pay for things with cash that we normally wouldn't have. We had a car issue come up that was a couple hundred dollars. We both had some dental bills come up that was right around $1000. Our middle child also needed to go into the ER when she knocked her teeth loose, so we had to pay for some of that as well. It's just nice to finally be in a position where we don't have to worry too much about the little things that happen. I can't wait to be ready for if the BIG things happen (not until we are much more steady, I'm sure).

We are so thrilled that we are a step closer to our financial goals. We are going to do whatever we can to try and make this next step go by quickly. The amount is pretty high, so I think we are going to break it down into smaller goals to get to the big goal. We might even have a small celebration like going out for a REALLY nice dinner somewhere, but who knows.

Since February 2011, we have paid off $17,586.87 and have $35,981.65. Finally below the 40k mark. Woo-hoo!

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